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Viola Pace Knudsen

Mission Statement:  My mission is to use my art to highlight the experience of the beauty of the natural world.  I wish to provoke in others a passion for our planets, nature, and wildlife that would encourage people to protect them all.


Viola Pace Knudsen was born in 1956 in Springfield, Missouri, but spent her earlier years in Cabool, Missouri where she and her family had one hundred and fifty acres of land to explore.  This area, where her love of the outdoors sprouted, was filled with woods, ponds and hilly, green landscapes.  At the age of six, Viola’s family moved to Iowa along a river where she lived until graduating from high school.

After high school, she had planned to pursue her love of art through art school; however, her urge to continue exploring took her traveling instead.  Upon graduation, Viola hitchhiked through every state west of the Mississippi. 

When she returned from traveling, she went home to the Midwest to reside wither her parents, and her mother introduced her to the upholstery business.  During this time, Viola also made anatomically correct dolls that the police used to aide them in their investigations with sexually abused children.  These dolls proved to be a very useful asset to the police making it easier and less traumatic for children to admit what happened to them.

She was prompted to make a career change to provide a better life for herself and her children after spending years in the Midwest.  She obtained an AS degree in electronics at Hamilton Tech in Iowa, and was hired by Harris Corp in Melbourne, Florida.

Viola admits that her husband’s support throughout her many different avenues in life, is part of the reason for her success in the art world.  Viola began painting in 2000, working with watercolors and pastels. After honing her talent by practicing different techniques of painting and copying the masters, she then began to create her own vision for her artwork.  While her main media and subject is now acrylic paintings of candid portraits and nature, her main theme and goal is to create pieces that make people feel good.  Viola’s life experiences, memories, love of nature, and drive have given her the courage to maintain a successful career in art. 

Viola takes photos in nature preserves, botanical gardens, zoos, and her own backyard, which happens to be registered as a “Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation.  She uses these photos along with her memories of all the great places that she and Kevin visit together as inspiration in her paintings.  Viola also tries to benefit the wildlife she loves to photograph and paint through her membership of the National Wildlife Federation , Florida Native Plant Society and Florida Wildlife Federation.